Liability Insurance – General And Professional Liability Insurance

If you hear someone talk about insurance, the first things that usually come to mind are health insurances and life insurances.  While these types of insurances are truly essential types of insurances, they are not the only type of insurances.  Health and life insurances fall under the category of life insurances.  However, there is another category that is actually much broader – the non-life insurance.  This is where car insurances, home insurances, and liability insurance fall under.  The later type of insurance is actually a necessity as every businesses, business owners, and professionals needs this type of insurance as a means of protecting themselves.  In fact, this type of insurance is required by many clients before they will even do any business with you.

Liability insurance is actually very broad as there are many types and policies that fall under this insurance type.  There are even policies that extend not only to the business, business premise and business owner themselves, but also to the people involved in delivering the company’s products.  In fact, for nearly any situation or scenario, there is a liability insurance policy that caters to it.  However, when it comes to the most common liability insurance policies, the most common perhaps are General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance.  Just like home insurance, both liability insurances are broad as there are policies within that provide particular coverage protection.

medical-insurance-formGeneral Liability Insurance – this is a very basic type of insurance.  If you need to only a single type of business insurance, then commercial general liability insurance will most likely be it.  All businesses need a certain amount of insurance coverage as this provides essential protection for the business from any unnecessary financial losses.  This type of insurance is necessary for businesses because it provides coverage over people getting injured within the business premise or valuable material or property from damages, whether it is the fault of the employees or not.

For example, you are doing business with the company and park your car within their business premise and accidentally gets damaged from materials that have fallen from the business structure, if they do not have general liability insurance, the company will need to should all the expenses needed to repair your car.  However, if they have general liability insurance, the insurance company will be the one shouldering the expenses – if such falls under the business’ insurance policy.

If you own or run a business, it is always a good thing to have the necessary insurances that will protect your from potential bankruptcy.  Although they may seem like unnecessary costs from the start, should those insurance policies actually provide use to you, you will certainly be glad that you had purchased them.  However, if you did not get a particular policy you are interested in or did not renew your insurance, it will surely be your regret should the unavoidable, the thing that you have been protecting your business for, should accidentally come.  So if you have a business, always make sure to protect your financial interest with insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance – this is a liability insurance that has been designed to protect individuals who practice certain professions.  Doctors, architects, engineers, accountants, healthcare providers, reals estate agents, and IT professionals all benefit from having this insurance coverage protection as it helps protect their profession and financial interest from malpractice, and errors and omissions.  If they are not properly protected by professional liability insurance, they will have to shoulder any settlements made on-court or off-court should they lose any case involving their professional service.

Professional liability insurance is an important thing to have if you practice a profession such as that mentioned above.  If you have this type of protection, you will not have to worry about lawsuits being made to you since you will have the financial backing of an insurance institution.  Whether the malpractice or errors or omission lawsuits cases have merits or not, as long as you have professional liability insurance, you will have protection coverage from any malicious lawsuits.

Working as a professional individual means that you have gone through a lot of hardships to get to where you are right now.  Studies, seminars, apprenticeship, and many other ordeals have been successfully finished to get your professional license and be able to practice what you have studied.  For this reason, it is downright in your best interest to protect what you have worked hard for.  Keep in mind that if you fail to pay settlements when you get sued, there is a high chance that your professional license will get revoked.  This means that all that you have worked hard for will go down the drain.  To prevent this from happening, it is always a good thing to have professional liability insurance as this is the best way of protecting your interest, not just your financial interest, but also your professional interest.